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Citrus County is strategically located in one of the USA’s top states for business and is framed by I-75 and the Florida Turnpike to the East and the Suncoast parkway (under construction) to the West, where there is plenty of land still available for development opportunities. From road to rail, airports to seaports, when ease of moving goods, services and people is critical, Citrus County delivers. Any company that appreciates work/life balance and wants to operate in a green, unspoiled environment will appreciate our excellent scenery, high achieving schools, excellent medical care and friendly, pro-business attitude. Our goal is to nurture a desirable community that balances a welcoming business and job creating climate with environmentally sustainable growth and prosperity while preserving its core values, traditions of family stability, and stewardship of the natural habitat, for the benefit of Citrus County citizens of all ages.

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