PROJECT OVERVIEW: Crystal River Bayside Project

Hunter Springs Park and Kings Bay Park are being expanded and updated, with emphasis on public access to Kings Bay and to the Crystal River. Additional mooring areas will be developed/designated. Restrooms and shower facilities will be provided.

The Cross Town trail will be rerouted for easier pedestrian crossing of highway US-19. The Cross Town Trail will also be connected to the county’s existing multi-use trails. Medians will be added along highway US-19, and biking lanes will be developed along this road in the downtown area of Crystal River.

The Riverwalk will be extended to connect to Hunter Springs Park, Kings Bay Park, and the Cross Town Trail. The Riverwalk will also be integrated with the downtown area to promote Crystal River’s businesses.

A new city hall is being planned for the downtown area at the corner of highway US-19 and N Citrus Ave. Public parking areas will be expanded. Vacant lots, vacant commercial buildings, and under-utilized buildings will be identified and advertised to promote new business investment.

A wide variety of events are being planned to promote the downtown area and entice folks from Crystal River and surrounding areas to enjoy Crystal River’s downtown amenities.

Crystal River Town Square Concept

This is an alternative land-use concept for the parcel at the corner of highway US-19 and N Citrus Ave. The Bayside Project designates this parcel as the site of the new Crystal River City Hall.

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Crystal River Bayside Project Rendering
Crystal River Bayside Project Rendering 2