PROJECT OVERVIEW: Inverness Depot District

The Small Town Done Right ambiance of the Central Business District in Inverness is the gateway to the City’s soon to be completed Depot District. The attractive investment environment for the entrepreneurial opportunity is alive and well in this progressive community. The City boasts the Historic 1912 Courthouse, beautiful lakes, boating and fishing, plus five schools, a regional hospital and serves as the County Seat of Government. With many redevelopment projects already accomplished, and more in progress, opportunities as well as a landscape of “smart growth” initiative is the backdrop to the City’s budding economy. Voted the one the top ten retirement communities in Florida, the City is focused to offer a high quality of life with affordable costs of living coupled with a strong portfolio of medical providers is a natural attraction for retirees and service based economic investment opportunity.

The City is a multi-modal destination and keynote community along the Withlachoochee State Trail. Inverness proudly received the coveted designation of Trail Town by the State of Florida Greenways and Trails, and also rated a Bronze Level Safe Community by the League of Bicycle America. With the iconic Valerie Theatre and the 2019 completion the lake front redevelopment known as the Depot District the City will continue to experience a wealth spring of investment and interest.

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